About TC-NORTHEAST PAC What is TC-NORTHEAST PAC? The Turkish Coalition Northeast Political Action Committee (TC-NORTHEAST PAC) is an entity supporting Members of Congress and candidates who support Turkish Americans and a strong US-Turkey relationship. Who can contribute to the TC-NORTHEAST PAC? Only Green Card holders and U.S. Citizens can contribute personal funds. Business entities and […]

Get Involved

One of the easiest ways to make a difference is to take a few minutes to call your member of Congress and request that they join the Congressional Caucus on Turkey and Turkish Americans (Turkey Caucus).

Political Activism

Turkish American political action committees work across the US to promote an ever-stronger friendship between the US and Turkey, forged on the basis of shared democratic principles and strategic interests.

What is PAC?

A political action committee (PAC) organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. PACs can give $5,000 to a candidate committee per election.