Mert Kayan with Maryland State Representative Kriselda Valderrama (D-MD, District 26) presenting TC-NE PAC’scontribution to her campaign. Valderrama is a long-time supporter of Turkish Americans in Maryland.

Dear Supporters and Friends,

It is with great pride that I assume the responsibilities of Treasurer of the Turkish Coalition Northeast Political Action Committee (TC-Northeast PAC). We are living in challenging times both in the United States and Turkey. I realize that in order to make a difference, one must be involved at the grassroots level, and that means to be politically engaged as a Turkish American. I want to ensure that our voice is heard at all levels in the American political arena.

I’m inspired by what TC-Northeast PAC and the four other Turkish American PACs under the 10,000 Turks Campaign have done for our community in the last 10 years, and made the decision to volunteer my time, energy and resources for the cause.

TC-Northeast PAC is a non-partisan federal PAC, which focuses on New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. I look forward to working with my fellow Turkish Americans across political affiliations. In addition to supporting congressional candidates who listen to Turkish Americans, we want to support local and state candidates as well, especially Turkish Americans running for public office. Supporting these candidates provides us with face time, so they can address our immediate concerns, while establishing a lasting recognition and appreciation for Turkish Americans for the generations to come.

This year, we have three members of the Turkish American community running in California, Texas and Maryland. Please see the write-up on Lauren Arikan of Maryland, Ben Bartlett of California, and Judge Jay Karahan of Texas, on the PAC’s home page. Let’s all aim to support and have more Turkish Americans running for office in the future!

I hope that you will continue to support TC-Northeast PAC and that we work together, as effectively as other ethnic groups, in raising the Turkish American voice in political circles. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions and/or questions. My email address is

Selam ve saygılarımla,

Mert Kayan